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06 | 08

eNom is a reputable and longstanding domain registrar that helps businesses, individuals and organizations buy and sell domains and web-based services. eNom is a subsidiary of Demand Media, and it has been awarded several top 20 awards for their performance as a web host and a registrar. In fact, eNom has a proven record of 99.998% uptime since 2005. eNom provides domains and a variety web hosting services, including Linux hosting.

The following information summarizes some of eNom's services and outlines the benefits of using eNom over other domain registrars.

Domain Names

Through eNom's user-friendly web site interface, customers can register, renew and transfer domains with ease. If you're interested in a domain that has already been registered by another entity, eNom gives you the option of backordering the domain to reserve your bid for it when it becomes available.

eNom also gives their site visitors the ability to search the WHOis database to obtain DNS records, such as date of expiration and ownership details about specific domains.

24 hour support, domain forwarding, and Web Site Creator Lite are all included for free with every domain registration.

eNom also sells premium domains that have a higher SEO advantage and are generally more memorable and more desirable.

Windows and Linux Web Hosting

eNom supports both Windows and Linux web hosting solutions, providing top notch support both hosting types. The eNom site makes it easy to compare the difference between Windows and Linux web hosting by giving the site visitor access to a comparative chart.

eNom offers three Linux hosting plans – Start Linux, Advanced Linux, and Power Linux, as well as three types of Windows hosting – Spotlight, Advanced, and Power SQL 250. Linux web hosting is generally more reliable because it is based on an open source operating system, while Windows hosting is recommended for webmasters that need to utilize Microsoft software.

The FAQ section of the web hosting comparison module on the eNom site simplifies the hosting process by providing self-explanatory support.

Reseller Web Hosting

For the advanced webmaster that would like to generate some additional profit each month, eNom offers robust reseller hosting plans that are suitable for any online business owner. As a hosting reseller or eNom, you'll be able to offer your clients a plethora of products and services, including domain registration, Linux and Windows web hosting, POP email services, SSL certificates, business listings, ID protect and even RichContent, an application in the form of a widget that automatically populates your site with premium articles.

eNom even provides site building utilities that include predesigned templates that simplify and expedite the process of building a web hosting site that is professional and effective at soliciting new clients.

Since eNom is one of the leading providers of domains in the world, they can afford to give their resellers plenty of room for profit when selling bulk server resources. Becoming an eNom reseller will give you the greatest leverage possible with a minimal investment.

Visit http://www.eNom.com for more information.

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