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Wild West Domains is a subsidiary of GoDaddy, and it is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar that primarily focuses on reseller hosting. In fact, the company is considered to be the reseller division of GoDaddy. The company has been providing thorough customer support and quality services for several years, after being established and funded by its sister company, GoDaddy. 

Wild West Domains provide domain registration services, as well as user-friendly site management tools and appealing predesigned site templates. Anyone interested in opening their own hosting business should consider the following information about Wild West Domains.

Domain Registration Services

Despite the name, Wild West Domains does not provide domain registration services by themselves, but instead focuses on robust reseller hosting plans that can be used in conjunction with domains purchased from their parent company GoDaddy.

Thus, Wild West Domains is not actually a conventional domain registrar in the sense that one could purchase domains from them on an individual basis without also purchasing a reseller hosting plan. However, as a Wild West reseller, you'll have access to some of the cheapest domain prices in the industry.

Once you've purchased a Wild West Domains reseller plan, you'll then have access to domains at the lowest possible price in the industry, giving you extreme leverage against your competitors.

Reseller Hosting Services

Wild West Domains provides four main types of reseller hosting – Basic, Pro, Super, and API. Prices range from $99 per year to $300 per year, depending on the plan.

All of the plans include free 24 hour support, complete traffic analysis tools, email marketing and press release templates, automated billing renewals, a turnkey web site with an integrated shopping cart and payment processing capabilities, and free advertising credits with Google AdWords.

The Pro and Super reseller plans provide the best buy rates in the industry, and they allow you to earn commissions on PPC advertisements that are placed on your customer's parked domains. The Super reseller hosting plan lets you reseller basic and pro reseller plans to customers, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on the massive reseller hosting industry.

Discounted Domains for Resellers

As a Wild West Domains reseller, you'll be able to acquire and sell domains at the lowest prices possible. In fact, .com domains only cost $7.80 per year of registration when their purchased by a Wild West Domains reseller. Having access to such low prices will give you the ability to sell domains as a reseller and make a hefty profit while doing so.

Wild West Domains is also one of the only reseller hosting companies that provides custom logo design and custom web site design for a surprisingly low price.

Having access to the cheapest domains on the internet can save you money as a webmaster, as well as give you the ability to generate profit from every domain you register for your clients. Other reseller hosting plans do not give you a decent profit margin to work with for domains, leaving you to depend on plan sales to generate an income.

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