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Tucows Inc. is an ICANN accredited domain registrar that has sold over 10 million domains through more than 10,000 resellers in more than 100 countries. Tucows is now one of the leading domain registrars in the world, currently providing domains, SSL certificates and e-mail boxes to businesses and individuals through their reseller program known as OpenSRS.

Tucows also register domains directly to the public through DomainsDirect, NetIdentity and IYD, which are now all owned by Hover (a subsidiary of Tucows Inc). Of the three aforementioned acquired companies, only IYD (ItsYourDomain) and Domain Direct still have active web sites that are indexed in the search engines.

The following information outlines some of Tucows main products and services, as well as the benefits that Tucows has to offer over other domain registrars.

Tucows Brands

Tucows operates under five main brands – OpenSRS, Hover, Yummy Names, Butterscotch, and Platypus. As mentioned, Open SRS is the reseller division of the company (and is currently the most successful), while Hover is a direct domain registrar.

Yummy Names is a domain name sales consulting agency that also gives marketers direct access to the Tucows domain database. Butterscotch is basically a technological multimedia entertainment site, and Platypus is a proprietary management software for internet service providers.

Tucows Inc. is also responsible for Tucows.com, which is one of the oldest and most trusted software download sites. The site has been generating advertising revenue for more than a decade.

Tucows Domain Portfolio Services

The Tucows domain portfolio services group oversees tens of thousands of domain names, 30,000 of which are part of the Personal Names Service that lets about 66% of Americans purchases a domain or email address that is based on their actual name.

Yummy Names is the retail division of the Tucows domain portfolio services, providing domain consultation to marketers and domain speculators around the world. Yummy Names was designed with internet marketers in mind, letting members search for and acquire the ideal domain for their web sites.

Tucows was amongst the first 34 domain registrars that were initially accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers) as official authorized registrars in 1999.

Tucows Basic Principles

Tucows has experienced such massive growth during the past decade because of their approach to reseller services. Tucows understands the need for resellers when selling any product or service, and as such, is currently affiliated with more than 10,000 web hosting providers and internet service providers.

Tucows believes in simplifying the internet as much as possible, which is why all of the products and services are user-friendly, even if they're designed for advanced marketers. With their reseller-friendly approach, Tucows is able to assist resellers in properly branding their company and becoming a successful and seemingly independent corporation with minimal monetary and temporal investments.

Tucows provides 'second-tier' support to their resellers in case their own native support is overloaded or cannot handle the task. The reseller support team consists of qualified technicians that are able to provide support in a plethora of languages.

Visit http://www.tucowsinc.com for more information.

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