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PSI USA, INC. is an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited domain registrar that is authorized to register domains in a wide variety of TLDs. The company was founded by Robert F. Connelly and is focused on providing quality services to a vast client base around the world.

Although their site is not highly complex, it provides user-friendly navigation that anyone can use to register a domain with minimal effort. Instead of offering direct domain registration services, most of their TLDs are offered through other companies.

The following information describes how PSI USA, Inc. operates while also summarizing some of their services as a domain registrar.

Domain TLDs

As an accredited domain registrar, the company has the right to register domains of following TLDs:
.com/.net/.org, .info, .biz, .name, .pro, .jobs, .travel, .mobi, .asia, .cat, .aero, .tel and .us.

However, Rather than registering these domains directly to their customers, the company allocates each domain TLD to a specific authority. The following information details which authorities are assigned to each TLD.

.com/.net – VeriSign
.org - PIR
.info - Afilias
.biz - NeuLevel
.name - GNR
.pro - RegistryPro
.jobs - EmployMedia
.travel - Tralliance
.mobi - mTLD
.us - NeuStar
.asia – DotAsia
.cat - puntCAT
.aero - SITA
.tel - Telnic

How They Operate

Psi USA customers can register the above TLDs with the aforementioned organizations, or they can acquire them quickly through the PSI USA home web site. Customers can renew, transfer and unlock their domains, as well as register them through the simplified user interface.

Pre-existing customers can also access their domain control panel through this site, as well by logging in with secure login credentials.

The registration process with PSI USA is fast and easy because it is facilitated by their proprietary administration and registration software, AutoDNS. 
WHOis and Other Services

Site visitors can also search the WHOis database for domain records through the simplistic user interface. The WHOis database is a public database containing the DNS records of every domain in existence. Using this information, you can find the contact information of domain owners in case you would like to make an attempt to purchase a previously registered domain.

The Frequently Asked Questions section of their site provides helpful and resourceful information for webmasters that have conventional queries.

It is important to note that this company is not a commercial registrar, so they do not have a conventional customer service line as most other registrars do. Instead, they are a domain TLD authority that delegates domains to other companies, thereby distributing domains indirectly. As such, the answer to most of the questions listed in their Frequently Asked Questions section direct the customer to contact the appropriate authority, rather than seeking to resolve the matter with PSI USA, Inc. directly. In most cases, when a DNS record lists a domain as being registered with PSI USA, Inc., it was actually registered through another company that receives registration services from PSI

Visit http://www.PSI-USA.info for more information.

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