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OVH provides a plethora of web-based solutions to a wide range of clients around the world. Some of the services offered by OVH are domain registration, web hosting, SSL certificates, email services, SMS services, dedicated hosting solutions and cloud hosting solutions. OVH is able to provide some of the best quality services on the internet due to their privately owned datacenters that house a multitude of well maintained web servers.

Having been in business for 11 years, the company has amassed more than 380,000 customers who trust OVH to bring them the best service and support possible. OVH is based in the United Kingdom and is currently accredited by various business and organizational entities, including ICANN and Verisign. OVH is currently the largest domain registrar in France and the second largest in Europe, with more than 2 million domain names registered.

The following information outlines the products and services offered by OVH.

Domain Registration and Management

OVH currently offers some of the most comprehensive domain registration and management services in the United Kingdom. Through their user-friendly site, you can register, transfer, renew and purchase additional services for you domains with ease. The company offers a long list of TLDs at a discounted price, and after the domains are registered, it is possible to edit and manage them with complete control through the domain management interface.

For customers that want the utmost privacy and control over their domain’s DNS records, OVH offers DNS management services that let you decide what information appears in your domain's DNS records. If you're in search of cheap domains that you have complete control over, then OVH is a perfect solution for you.

Domain Protection

The company also provides comprehensive domain protection services that prevent your domain from being stolen by domain hijackers. Their domain protection services include OWO services and anti cyber squatting services as well.

Their OWO service provides mediation between your registration and the outside world, preventing hackers and other individuals from accessing information that could be used for nefarious purposes.

OVH also provides services that keep other people from registering domains that are simply typo variants of your domain name in order to steal traffic that you've rightfully earned. 

If you're serious about the security of your domains, then you may want to consider the privacy services currently on offer from OVH.

Web Hosting

OVH also offers comprehensive web hosting solutions for their customers, giving them every resource needed to turn their domain name into a fully functional and profitable web site. The company is able to offer virtually every hosting type imaginable due to their massive datacenters.

Some of the hosting solutions offered by OVH include shared, VPS, RPS, Dedicated and cloud hosting. When you utilize OVH's domain services, you'll automatically be given a Start 1M hosting plan that can help you start turning your domain into a web site immediately.

If you need an all-inclusive solution for your upcoming web endeavors, then you may want to consider OVH as your next web host and domain registrar.

Visit http://www.OVH.com for more information.

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