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Network Solutions was founded in 1979 as a small systems integration engineering company, and it has since grown into one of the world's leading providers of web-based services. With approximately three decades of experience, Network Solutions makes it easy for anyone to create and manage their own web site, regardless of their skill level or knowledge.

Network Solutions currently manages over seven million domains, one and a half million e-mail boxes, and about three hundred fifty thousand web sites.

Network Solutions has played an integral role in the history of the internet, becoming the first company to receive a government contract to assign domain names in 1993.

Domain Name Registration 
Being a pioneer in the domain name industry gives Network Solutions the expertise needed to provide expert advice about the value and acquisition of internet domains.

Network Solutions has a user-friendly web site that lets visitors easily register, renew, and transfer domain names. Network Solution also provides expired domain names, as well as a list of domain names that are about to expire.

Network Solutions is one of the leading WHOis database web sites on the internet, serving thousands of results for DNS records on a daily basis. The company also provides private registration for an additional fee during the checkout process.

Network Solutions also provides package deals that include web hosting plans and domain names combined, known as 'complete web site' plans, which start at only about $5 per month. These plans include site building tools that help you design the best site possible with minimal experience.

Web Hosting Services

Network Solutions provides an array of hosting solutions, including VPS hosting, Sharepoint hosting, Wordpress blog hosting, and standard shared hosting.  Their smallest shared hosting plan starts at about $10 a month, while the largest shared hosting plan costs about $30 per month. As a web hosting company, Network Solutions is one of the leading providers of shared hosting plans.

Every plan offered by the company is insured with a 99% uptime guarantee that is constantly upheld.

The proprietary web site builder tool that is included with each hosting plan is a great way for novice webmasters to build their dream site with minimal internet expertise.

Marketing Services

Network Solutions is one of the few web hosting providers and domain registrars that also offers SEO assistance and general marketing services. Through various personalized packages, the company helps individuals and businesses increase their local web presence, build SEO optimized web sites, enhance PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns, devise convincing press releases, and perfect the art of email marketing.

Using user-friendly tools like the online marketing budget calculator, potential clients can accurately calculate how much of their marketing budget needs to be used for specific tasks. This calculator can also be used to find the perfect marketing plan for your web site, based on your budget and your individual preferences as a site owner. Overall, Network Solutions is a one-stop shop for many webmasters and is one considered to be one of the most reliable domain registrars in existence.

Visit http://www.NetworkSolutions.com for more information.

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