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Intercosmos Media Group has been doing business as DirectNIC.com, and it is an ICANN (Internet Co proration for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited domain registrar and hosting with a wide range of products and solutions to accommodate the needs of a diverse client base. The company offers a proprietary integrated software known as SiteCreator, which lets customers customize and update their site as needed through a plethora of design options, images, and graphics.

Having been in business for ten years – and surviving Hurricane Katrina when their company was based in New Orleans in 2005 – Intercosmos Media is now based in the Cayman Islands and plans on being a reliable registrar and hosting provider for years to come. The following information outlines some of the services currently being offered by Intercosmos Media.

Domain Registration

Intercosmos Media, a.k.a DirectNIC, provides a plethora of domain TLDs at a competitive rate, albeit not the cheapest rate.  Through their simplistic yet robust website interface, customers can quickly and efficiently search for a domain name and register the domain of their choice. Customers can also renew and transfer domains, as well as manage their existing DirectNIC domain registrations within a comprehensive domain management interface.

The company currently charges a bit more than the competition for each domain registration.  For example, at the time of this review, a .com registration cost $15 per year, which is more than the industry average of about $9 - $11.  However, with every domain registration you place with Intercosmos Media, you get “free” web hosting.  Indeed, every domain you buy with DirectNIC gives you 20 MB of free hosting space – but there is a caveat.  Your “free” hosting will be accompanied with a variety of banner ads. 

Web Hosting

If you don’t want the unprofessional look of free hosting, DirectNIC provides premium hosting services that include full support and the guarantee of 99 percent uptime. The company is committed to providing low cost, serious support and complete solutions. Regardless of your needs as an online business owner, Intercosmos Media can accommodate those needs and more with their extensive hosting capabilities.

If you're simply in need of an email hosting solution, the company also has POP3 services, email forwarding and auto responders for marketers and online businesses with communications needs. Some of their packages (such as the premium hosting plans on offer) include these services together simultaneously, along with comprehensive security precautions through state-of-the-art encryption.

SSL Certificates and Merchant Accounts

DirectNIC also provides SSL certificates and merchant processing solutions to eCommerce store owners that need security and simplified payment acceptance. Most online shoppers will not place an order if your site is not protected by SSL encryption protocols, and without the right payment processing service, you'll be unable to accept certain popular payment methods like PayPal or AlertPay.

The Bottom Line

Intercosmos Media is certainly not the cheapest domain registrar in the industry, but the company does provide you with a variety of freebies, ranging from unlimited free email forwarding to free hosting, domain parking, and domain redirects.  They are also known for excellent customer service, which can indeed be worth its weight in gold.

Visit http://www.directnic.com/ for more information.

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