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HiChina is a subsidiary of Alibaba.com and is the leading internet application service provider in China. The company currently offers a wide range of web based services, including web hosting of various types, domain registration, enterprise email solutions, corporate web design, eCommerce consultation and web site management assistance.

HiChina is a domain registrar that is accredited by both ICANN (Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers) and CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), both of which are the highest internet administrative organizations in the world.

HiChina currently hosts and manages more than three million web domains, while also providing a half a million businesses with fast, secure and stable web sites, as well as enterprise email services. The following information outlines some of the products and services offered by HiChina.

Domain Registration

HiChina currently offers every domain TLD on the market and is able to offer registration of domains at a discounted price due to their powerful standing in the internet community. The company offers these low prices through their domain resellers that profit by having a relationship with HiChina. Domain registration services on their web site are slightly more expensive than those found elsewhere because the registration includes a plethora of extracurricular services.

HiChina's web site interface is simple and convenient, allowing even the most novice user to register and manage their domain with ease. If you’re located in China and you need a comprehensive hosting and/or domain registration solution, then you should consider the benefits of registering your domain with HiChina.

Web Hosting

HiChina offers three main hosting plans – M1, M2 and M3, all of which can be purchased in Unix or Windows. The company is able to offer some of the cheapest prices in the web hosting industry because of their position with datacenters.

All of the hosting solutions offered by the company are backed by uptime guarantees and provide free support.

Being a subsidiary of Alibaba (one of the largest online marketplaces in the world), the company knows how to keep their customers satisfied by providing simple yet effective hosting solutions. HiChina also offers dedicated server hosting plans as well, which are ideal for the large business owner in need of a more comprehensive hosting solution.

Mail Hosting and Site Building

Aside from domain registration and web hosting, HiChina also offers robust email management services to enterprises throughout Asia and the surrounding regions. These services facilitate professional communication for companies that need the utmost security and stability and email transmission. For companies that need professionally designed websites, HiChina provides web design services that are capable of creating aesthetically pleasing web pages.

Visit http://en.hichina.com for more information.

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