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Cronon AG is a German domain registrar that specializes in providing a variety of web based services that are custom tailored to the needs of their clients. Through their simplistic and user-friendly site interface, the company provides convenient navigation that aids in the selection of the most suitable solution for your company.

Although Cronon is not commonly spoken of in the United States or other areas of the world, it has quickly become one of the most popular domain registrars in Germany. The following information outlines some of the products and services offered by Cronon AG.

Domain Registration

As with every other domain registrar, Cronon AG is known for providing domain registration services that are competitively priced. However, unlike many domain registrars, Cronon AG does not utilize unfair fee practices that scam the consumer out of their hard earned money.

Being one of the most successful domain registrars in Germany, the company is currently one of the most popular domain registrars in Europe, despite having a lack of interest in expending to the global marketplace.

As an accredited domain registrar, the company currently offers 75 different TLDs for registration, most of which can be registered by anyone with the willingness and funds to do so.

Aside from offering consumer targeted domain registration products and services, the company also has a line of enterprise solutions designed to accommodate the needs of serious business owners and busy corporations.

Web Hosting

In addition to providing domain registration services, Cronon AG also offers comprehensive web hosting plans for larger businesses. Unlike many hosting providers, however, their web site is not geared towards the technical novice, and neither are their services. Cronon AG offers professional web hosting services to businesses that need a reliable and reputable solution within their local region.

Rather than offering specific plans that are designed for retail customers, the company specializes in providing enterprise hosting solutions that cater to the needs of smaller hosting providers and businesses within Germany and the surrounding areas.  Instead of marketing these services in the conventional manner, the group takes a more personalized approach, assessing and meeting the needs of each company individually.

Support and Reliability

Germans have long been known for their ingenuity and engineering skills, but they're also known for customer service and reliability – which Cronan AG embodies well.  (Although the company has not yet extended its outreach outside of Europe, it is one of the most reliable and repeatable domain registrars, having the ability to cater to a smaller group of people more closely, rather than serving more customers with less focus on each customer.

Visit http://www.Cronon.org for more information.

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