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Ascio is a subsidiary of Group NBT plc., a leading Domain Management Company in the United Kingdom. Since 1999, Ascio has been providing a plethora of quality services, and it has managed to amass the management of more than one million domains with 275 employees and offices throughout the world.

Ascio also currently manages domains indirectly through over 300 partnerships with other domain management companies. Most of these partners are web hosting companies, telecom operators, internet access providers, and IP law firms. The following information outlines some of the products and services provided by Ascio.

Domain Registration

Through their optimally designed user-friendly web site, customers can easily register, transfer and renew domains with Ascio. Throughout the browsing experience, there is a domain name availability checker located in the top right corner of the page, which makes it easy for you to examine prospective domain name ideas as you're brainstorming.

By providing simplified domain registration services that are managed by state of the art DNS technology, the company is able to provide flexible and robust solutions to even the most professional and demanding domain name portfolio owner.  The company currently offers registration for 250 domain TLDs, including a vast array of ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) like co.uk (United Kingdom) and .com.au (Australia).

Other Products and Services

Ascio provides a diverse range of products and services that can accommodate your needs whether you're an internet access provider, a web hosting company, or simply the owner of a few domain names. By outsourcing your needs to Ascio, you can rest assured that all of your demands are met, and you’re free to focus on mission critical aspects of your business like customer satisfaction and the expansion of your overall web presence.

Most of the products and services offered by Ascio are designed to help you expand and manage your domain name portfolio with as little effort as possible, giving you the time and energy needed to perform other tasks that are more essential to the continuity of your online business endeavors. The following are some of the other products offered by Ascio:

• AscioNIC – A proprietary domain registration system that offers standardized and streamlined registration of over 250 different TLDs.

• AscioDNS – A robust domain management tool that gives you complete control over the DNS configuration and records of your domain portfolio.

• AscioWatch – A brand protection product that lets your customers monitor the use and abuse of their trademarks and brands on the internet through a browser-style interface.

Ascio Guarantees

Ascio provides all of their customers with dedicated account managers, access to the registration of over 250 top-level domains, a simplified site interface, free support and a 99 percent uptime guarantee.

The company currently has a local presence in about 40 countries worldwide, ensuring that Ascio assistance is never too far away. By dealing with Ascio, you’re ensuring the success and continuity of your domain name business, capitalizing on the assistance of a company that has been conducting successful business for more than a decade with constant growth. 

Visit http://www.ascio.com for more information.

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